We're happy to inform everyone that we submitted our 501(c)(3) application to IRS last Tuesday. We are praying for a positive response from the IRS so that we can start to offer our services to the different nonprofit communities in the state of Missouri. 

Please look forward to more news regarding Community Wellness Lifeline!
We have finally completed our website. Please check it out through http://CommunityWellnessLifelineofMO.weebly.com/.
After several grueling weekly board of directors meetings, we have finally completed the articles of incorporation and by-laws. On September 13, 2012, we have received notice from the Office of the Secretary of State that they approved our application for incorporation as a nonprofit in the State of Missouri. 

Look forward to more news regarding how we can help your nonprofit reach out to your local communities to become healthy, happy, and wise!

    Faye Reynaldo, EdD, RN
    Volunteer Coordinator

    Know what's going on in Community Wellness Lifeline of Missouri!


    October 2012


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